I used this service and discovered that getting a W2 in 48 hours is a PIPE DREAM! What I discovered this company is a middle man between you and the IRS.

They can only proceed if the IRS accepts your signature that you either write with a mouse or a scribe, if it's decent the IRS will proceed if not you have re-do it until the IRS accepts it. As to how fast you get the missing W2’s that's up to the IRS and as with any government agency they work at their own pace, so don't expect the IRS to jump per their requests. I ended up using the official tax form 4506-T to request the missing W2's I needed.

Bottom line if you’re in a hurry best to handle it yourself and save the money especially if you have multiple W2’s at $39.99 each it gets expensive.

The company did refund my money without any issue so they're good about that. But as far as getting forms in 48 hours don’t count on it remember your working with a government agency ever been in a hurry at the post office?

Reason of review: Not as described.

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