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Credit Card Billing


No need for your services

Problem Description:

I misunderstood the IRS, and I do not need my W2's. Please cancel my order for the amount of $119.00.

Thank you.

[Grace Sep 23 2010 19:56:23]

Transcript of chat service:

GRACE HILDEBRAND:I need a refund.

Call accepted by operator Victor.

Currently in room: GRACE HILDEBRAND, Victor.

GRACE HILDEBRAND:I misunderstood the IRS, and do not need my W-2s/


GRACE HILDEBRAND:My order was kicked back

Victor:Could I kindly get your order number or ssn or username please

GRACE HILDEBRAND:sure my username is xxxxxxxx

GRACE HILDEBRAND:i will get you an order number


Victor:One moment please while I check for you

Victor:Our records indicate that the order was rejected because the AGI (45000) you provided for 2008 does not match IRS records. Kindly call the IRS and get an AGI for for 2005 or 2006 or 2007 or 2008 that they have on record


GRACE HILDEBRAND:I didn't file for 2003,04,05 (disc jockey days)

GRACE HILDEBRAND:I'm trying to get that squared away, and I already contacted the IRS

GRACE HILDEBRAND:and they are sending me paperwork so I can file

Victor:agi between 2004 to 2009 will work

GRACE HILDEBRAND:So, I have no need for your services afterall.

GRACE HILDEBRAND:IRS is handling this for me. I do not have an AGI because I didn't file.

GRACE HILDEBRAND:They are sending me past tax forms, thru the Social Security office, my former employers had filed.


Victor:I am not authorized to Handel refunds

Monetary Loss: $119.

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I paid October 23. Its 31st still no W2.

I spoke to the rep, who said that it could take "as little as 48 hours". SCAM don't use

Los Angeles, California, United States #730522

I was just about to order w-2's for the last few years. I'm soooo glad I checked them out before entering all my info!! I'll get them somewhere else!

Addison, Texas, United States #719117

Sooo I actually used this site.

It IS 39.99 per year which i told them to put on the site.

I ordered 2 years and got one but the one i really needed.

I called the number in the homepage and asked for a refund for the one I didnt get they gave me a refund for the 2011.

I was miffed since they couldnt find 2011 but I suppose its not really their fault if its not available.

It did in fact help to get the form I needed and not have to call my old boss for it.

good luck everyone!


I wanted copies of my W2 and tax returns and paid 79 dollars. The request kept getting rejected presumably my name and SSN do not match.

I told them that I am giving them my SSN and name exactly as they appear on my SSN card and I have never had issues with my SSN not matching my (*** it I should know I have been using my and SSN for 40 years). Instead of refunding me, they wanted me to contact the IRS.

But then the reason I did not contact the IRS for those records is because I wanted them quick. They are a scam.


The missing-w2, never use this site.

They are fraud company, and haven't given document or W2 and charged money and didn't answer.... Ther are totally fraud company.

Don't be cheated.



I just used their services today for W-2 reprint. I need local withholding info to resolve an issue from 2007. I received the W2, but it is only federal info, which I could have pulled easily from my federal return. Customer service rep (Victor again) avoided my question and gave me his own response. Refunds dept will not refund me. The answer is that it says on the form that "No state information is available", which they says "implies" that only federal info is included. I argued that it says nothing about Local not being there. OK, so after it is explained it makes sense. But I am the average Joe out there and did not think this way. In my opinion they have a duty to be explicit and not "imply" their conditions.

In hindsight I should have known better than to trust a company with no phone number and pay for service before you receive the service.

I will dispute with Mastercard and see where this goes.


Missing w2.com is a scam save your money. Go to irs.com :(


I cancelled my rquest (order # 51568) I found the W2 forms that I was looking for. I charge your fee to my credit card. Will I be crdited this amount?


missingw-2.com is a good website. I ordered my last 2 year tax return, they sent me everything i need within a few minutes. And their customer support also helpful and availability to help when I had problem on my order.


I placed an order to recieve a copy of my w2 form emailed to me. On their website they promise that the W2 forms are emailed within 10 minutes, 4 hours later and no W2 forms.

I chated with VICTOR via chat options and he told me the reason I hadnt received my w2 forms was because the IRS web servers were having technical difficulties, but i would recieve it as soon as possible.

I never received my w2 forms. Definitely a SCAM


I don't know if the IRS will fax them for free, and if so, that's certainly the better way to go, but I used this service and I had my missing W-2 ten minutes later. It's easy and user-friendly, but maybe I was just lucky not have any complications.


wow, just as I though, ol yea love the site, ill add it to my favs. Thanks guys, for the heads up.


I've actually used missingw-2.com a few times over the last year and learned a lot along the way. What they charge you for is the service, not the form itself. (the 2nd time i used the service i actually rad the full terms of service) Which if you think about it, makes sense. If 100 people entered info randomly and the company couldn't get the requested forms bc the info didn't match up then the company would've processed a 100 orders and not got paid anything. My first order, I estimated my AGI and the request got rejected. I sent a ticket and it was answered promptly my Emily Brown. She told me that since everything was done electronically, the info had to be exact so it could match up. I got my exact AGI, entered it, and got my W-2s. I got all my W-2s for 2007. You have another fee for another tax year. (Which even tho was not listed on their homepage, was pretty clear during check out before I entered my credit card number). For 2008 I ordered my tax return, which they couldn't get for me bc it turns out the company I used to file it, never actually filed it. The people at MissingW-2 aren't quick to offer refunds once the request is made (even for rejected ones) but were quick to offer a credit that I could use towards another form request or to file a tax return. So I did. I used their sister company, I guess, to do my 2008 file. I've heard from other people that you can get your forms for free from the IRS but when i called they said it would take at least a week. Maybe it depends who you talk to...

in summary-

pros: easy and fast to use. mostly really nice helpful reps with quick replies

cons: the few other customer service reps that seem to work there that aren't as helpful


I ordered their services, they billed my account, and W2s never arrived. Beware of this internet scam!


I needed copies of W-2's as well. But being internet savy, I did my research before hand and wanted to check and see if MissingW2.com was truthful and legit.

So, I inquired via a CHAT option on their website regarding the fees since they intentionally left that part out on their main webpage. This "Victor" accepts my chat request and tells me that for $39.95 I can have all of the W-2 for the years I was needing. Finding this one-price for all a bit odd, I specifically questioned him. $39.95 for each W-2, or $39.95 for the 78 years worth?

He simply replied $39.95. Ok, so I start to fill out the information on Page 1, then go to Page 2. It's not until Page 3, that a fee of $319.60 appears. Not the $39.95 that was quoted for all.

So, I bring up the chat and was intentionally rude to him for wasting my time by his lies. Beware!


missingW-2.com is a total scam. They did not provide my W-2 and refuse to refund my fee.

It took 3 days and countless unanswered messages to reach the "help desk".

The help desk would not listen to a word I said and kept yelling over the top of me. Extremely unprofessional in every way.


i thaught about going to missingw-2.com but then found out i can call the irs and they would fax me them for free so thats what i did and it only took 45 minutes and i had all my w-2's for the year i needed.

missingw-2.com is a scam and even the irs will tell you they fax them to you for free.

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